At Mt. Vernon we believe a growing relationship with Christ starts with knowing Him.  We believe that the more you truly know Him, the more you will love Him.  That love will drive us to have a desire to obey Him and obedience comes in the form of serving Him.  So, our simple three-step model looks like this:  KNOW-GROW-SOW

1.  KNOW

We want you to know Christ!  That starts with having a personal relationship with Him.  If you have that then we believe you need to be a part of a local church.  You can become a member here by profession of faith, baptism, transfer or statement of faith.  Being a member says, “I’m all in.  You can count on me!”

2.  GROW

Following Christ does not end with a prayer or a commitment.  We are called to grow in our faith and to grow in holiness.  At Mt. Vernon, we believe that means getting involved in a LifeGroup.  These groups are an environment for growth and discipleship.  They connect us with each other and give us solid relationships within the church.  To find a LifeGroup, click here or talk to Mark.



3.  SOW

Knowing Christ is foundational.  Growing in Christ is essential.  Serving Christ is paramount.  Living out our faith in obedience to Christ is key.  We want you to be involved in this church family.  God has gifted you to serve in this body and we want to help you find your place.